Unconference for, by and of you!

Show Us Some Love!

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What better day than the Valentine’s to ask for love! Today we are doing our first public announcement and asking the community to help us out. We are self motivated hackers who want to provide ourselves with a platform to connect to other hackers like us and help the new community members to be better hackers. With this vision, a bunch of us came together with the idea of HackConf! We count ourselves among you, which is the reason we have the tagline: Unconference for, by and of you.

IIT Kanpur is known for its F/OSS conference, FOSSKriti, which has sadly not been revived for past couple of years. We tried to revive it this year, but due to certain constraints we couldn’t see it happening again. This did not stop us from thinking big, we are now going the ‘Open’ way and trying to organize an unconference with community support! The main goals of organizing HackConf has been described in our Mission and Vision, if you support and believe in it, then we ask you to be part of our team and help others like yourself! We have a public repository hosted on Github, which you can fork away and send pull requests! We need all the help we can get, we would appreciate any kind of contribution towards making HackConf possible!

To begin with, we have some open issues lingering on Github, please check it out and see if you can fix the issue! We understand that we might have missed some very basic things, since it is our first attempt at hosting such a conference, which the experienced amongst you can let us know by opening up an issue. We have set up community interaction tools on various platforms, feel free to join the discussion on any of the platforms. We are almost always available on irc and mailing lists! Looking forward for a successful valentine’s!

Will you be HackConf’s valentine?