Unconference for, by and of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackConf?

See Introduction

I am a <insert_some_role_here>. Should I attend the conference? What does it offer me?

If you’re reading this, yes, you should.

Who are the speakers and what topics are they speaking on ?

We are working on it.

What are the event dates?

To be decided.

I plan to attend hackconf, where should I register?

We will put up a registration page soon. Watch out for details on the homepage.

How much does registration cost?

To be decided.

I am a student, do I get a discount?

Probably yes.

How do I reach the venue?

See how to reach IIT Kanpur.

Can I come and take a session?

Yes, please reach out to us beforehand.

Can I volunteer? If so, how?

Yes, we welcome volunteers, please reach out to us first.

We are a big MNC, can we sponsor your event?

Of course, but only if you’re involved with F/OSS activities. Please note, that we do not support any proprietary propaganda. Please revert to us for details.

How do I reach out to the organizers?

Please see our Contact Us page.

I am an outstation participant. Will I be provided accommodation?

We’ll provide pointers for accomodation nearby.

Who are you guys?

You can know more here.